What do crocodiles and health have in common?

Does the sight or thought of crocodiles freak you out? Here along the coast, primarily in the mangroves along the shoreline and rivers, we co-habitat with crocodiles and have for as long as humans have been here.

I recently took a tour to Estero El Salado across from Marina Vallarta with its crocodile nursery and education center, to learn more from the experts on our largest local reptiles.

I have to admit, although they scare me a little, I find them fascinating, very primitive and very wrinkly in a wise ol’grandma/pa kind of way.

But not all feel this way.

In fact, have you heard or seen the news lately?

Crocodiles have been spotted in Banderas Bay. Recently people have been attacked or killed by crocodiles and though they are a protected species, crocodiles have been killed by people – it seems like a bit of a battle, sadly. These events have caused me to ask,

“What’s going on?” Some have gone as far to ask, ” Are crocodiles taking over Vallarta?” I wanted to get the facts straight and debunk the myths, so I visited the local experts.

To me living a healthy, conscious life means being willing to open your mind and approach life with curiosity.  Having a mind, body, spirit connection is key and helps us to see our interconnectedness with others and other beings… and this was my effort to open my mind and get out of my comfort zone a bit – eek!

I was amazed at what I found out. I won’t spoil the fun adventure of what’s to come. But two words that I think are important to keep in mind are conservation and consciousness, with a little sliminess.

Spending some time at the Estero El Salado definitely did a lot to heighten my awareness and understanding of these magnificent creatures.

We should appreciate the crocodiles’ role in the ecosystem and respect that they’ve been here for eons. They are an important part of a balanced ecosystem.

I am curious to hear what you think!

Watch the video below to go on an adventure through the mangroves with me. I promise you’ll be safe.

Hola, soy Marcella Castellanos. I´m a bilingual Mexican – Californian, living in Puerto Vallarta for a decade. As a forty-something certified health educator, I’m passionate about health, consciousness and sustainability. I help people revitalize their health, vitality and mindset through plant based cooking, adventure and helping bridge communication barriers with the people, places and culture of Mexico. Check out my YouTube Channel for more!