Vallarta to Analyze a Ban on Plastics

Recognizing the need of caring and contributing to the improvement of the environment, the City Council of Puerto Vallarta has undertaken an initiative brought forward by councilman Juan José Cuevas García, for the gradual transition to the use of biodegradable plastics, and seeking to gradually prohibit the use of some plastic products in commercial establishments in Puerto Vallarta.

During the recent session of City Hall, the mayor pointed out that contamination by plastic is causing irreparable damage to the planet, with 300 million discarded annually, of which a significant percentage ends up in rivers and seas.

He went on to say that with the growth of our cities and the rapid increase of plastic in daily life, has had great consequences for the environment that are reflected in the pollution of water, air, loss of forest land and seas, as well as the habitat of important animal and vegetable spaces.

Given this problem and tourism and the beaches being the main economic activity of Puerto Vallarta, councilman Juan José Cuevas García asked to take the initiative to gradually prohibit the use of plastic and straws in city ​​establishments.

In his proposal, Cuevas García proposes five actions, such as changing the use of plastic bags for reusable bags; encourage the use of reusable containers; bulk purchased to avoid packaging; avoid buying bottled water, as well as improve recycling management from shops and homes.

The initiative was turned over to the Ecology, Public Services, Regulations and Constitutional Points commissions, for analysis, study and opinion, and subsequent approval of the City Council.