Sharing the Love on Valentines Day

Valentines Day has been observed on February 14 as a celebration of romantic love since the time of Geoffrey Chaucer in 14th Century England.  It has been associated in the western world with declarations of devotion ever since. Gifts of romantic verses, flowers, confections and, of course, music are offered and romance is initiated or enhanced on this day every year.  Cupid the classical mythological god of desire is credited with shooting his arrow and instilling an irresistible feeling of attraction in the chosen loved one.

As Cupid’s special day roles around and romance is in the air our favorite musical entertainers have us in their hearts!  Even if you don’t have a sweetheart to buy you roses you can treat yourself to some sweetness with one or two of their scrumptious shows!

I will start out my special week in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle at Tree House Bar, with my all time favorites, the fellows of the fiery flamenco group Tatewari—grandfather fire in The Huichol language.  The group has been super hot this season and with the addition of guest Charly Peña on flute the music floats in the air. They will be playing the beautiful themes from their new CD XII.IV that take my breath away. (A little “Fuego Dentro” for me please.)

Tuesday the 12th from 1-3 in the idyllic setting of Babel Bar near the end of the island of the River Cuale I will immerse myself in the sounds of Esaú Galván and Wolfgang “Lobo” Fink’s guitars as they playfully shower me with improvised flamenco music amidst the dance of birds and butterflies and the babel of the river flowing by.  A beautiful evening sunset accompanied by Esau’s romantic guitar and a lovely meal at Daiquiri Dick’s wonderful bay side restaurant on will bring that marvelous day to a sweet close.

I’m not done yet. Wednesday night, the 13th, at a special Valentine concert “Desde el Corazón” at the Palm Cabaret I look forward to being romanced by Andrea and Luis of Bohemia Viva as they treat us all to a magnificent show overflowing with love, poetry and inspiration.

February 14, the day for which I have been warming up, I expect not to be let down by the energy and exuberance of the exciting group Media Luna at Incanto, Insurgentes 109 (7:00).  They promise a wonderful show with invited guests including an accordion player (how romantic is that!) and an enthusiasm that will far outweigh the pleasure derived from any double decker box of chocolates I didn’t receive.  I am certain hugs will be included!

For those of you who do have a sweetheart, grab him or her and enjoy the love!  Couples are definitely allowed at all events!

Happy Valentines Day!