Thousands Demonstrate in Mexico Demanding Legalization of Marijuana Use

Thousands of people demonstrated last Saturday in several cities of Mexico including Puerto Vallarta to demand a change in the legislation to allow the recreational use of marijuana, as well as the acceptance of this plant for therapeutic use.

The march, a local manifestation of the worldwide Global Marijuana March, an event that has been held annually in over 800 cities and 70 countries since 1999, took place in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Merida, Monterrey, Tijuana and Puerto Vallarta.

In Puerto Vallarta about 40 demonstrators marched along the main streets and malecon on Saturday afternoon. Local Gold Leaf Smoke Shop owner Samara Alpern says, “I think it’s great that the city gave activists such positive support. In Merida there were reports of harassment by police. I’m thankful that in Vallarta there were no such problems. It was wonderful to see both national and foreign residents demonstrating together at the march.

Kim Martin, owner of Myskova Swimwear showed her support as the demonstrators passed by her malecon shop. It’s something that hits close to home for Kim, whose father uses Medical Marijuana (in Canada) for his ailments “I believe that legalizing it would help control violence and help many people that are unaware how beneficial it is for many health issues. I don’t believe it’s for youngsters, I don’t even smoke it actually, but have been meaning to start !And definitely will in my old age. Growing it in Canada is my dad’s passion!”

In June 2017, a decree legalizing marijuana for therapeutic use throughout Mexico was published in the Official Journal of the Federation, and although the government said it would regulate medicinal use, it has not yet done so.

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