The Punta Mita Golf Academy: The Proper Set Make Up

As we know learning anything new can be tough and as we get older trying to juggle practice time along with family and work becomes increasingly difficult!  In this article series I’d like to help the beginning and intermediate golfers improve their game by working on things that don’t take much time to improve but will make your game remarkably better instantly…

The proper set make up

Let’s face it, golf is hard and thankfully the manufactures have made clubs and club types that work for all types of players.  My question to you is, do you have the proper set make up for your game?  You know the clubs that match up with your strengths and weaknesses?  If you don’t, you are making the game harder on yourself!

As you can see in my bag I have two different wedge lofts- 54 and 60 to match up with the yardages I want them to go and the type of short game shots we have here at Punta Mita.  Secondly, I am not as comfortable with the longer hybrids so I have put in long irons and a driving iron in my bag to work around my weaknesses.

Do you have a missing club, too many long irons, or no 3 wood?  If so, you are making the game too hard.  If you do nothing at all at least have the right golf clubs for your course!