The Balance Series

Balance is controlled by your pivot motion- the way you twist and turn and displace weight on the way back and through.  This my friends is the key to a good golf swing and consistent shots.  In this series we will help you to better understand how balance works within your entire golf game.  Enjoy…

Balance with Your Longer Irons and Hybrids

One of the biggest flaws with longer irons and hybrids is the lower bodies tendency to wiggle around too much on the way back.  When the foundation of your swing is lost you are doomed even before you start the club down.

Balance at the top starts from your address position, so remember to audit your balance from side to side and back to front.  Your center of gravity should be located on the bow-knots of your shoes, not too much towards your toes or heels.  And when you grip the club you will find that you will naturally have a slight tilt away from the target, this is fine, but don’t exaggerate it.

Find the perfect balanced set up with these longer clubs and you will have greater success!