The Balance Series: Putting Balance

Balance is controlled by your pivot motion—the way you twist and turn and displace weight on the way back and through.  This, my friends, is the key to a good golf swing and consistent shots. In this series we will help you to better understand how balance works within your entire golf game.  Enjoy…

As we know, putting is one of the most delicate motions in golf and something as simple as the wind blowing can make this even harder, not to mention all the other more complex fundamentals.  One of the worst things that can happen to someone is when their core is unstable or their fulcrum moves when using a longer putter.

This motion is usually caused by poor balance from side to side and/or back to front.  Thus, if you maintain the correct setup and find how to better lock your weight and balance in at address,  then you will have a fighting chance to stay more still during your stroke.  Keep yourself balanced from back to front and side to side period, and you’ll thank me!