Tercera Llamada is ready for the 3rd edition of the Festival of Theater

The final details are in place to kick-off the Festival of Theater in Puerto Vallarta on May 25, with six productions that aim to promote and enhance theater culture in the city.

In an interview with Sr. Víctor Jiménez, the director of the Festival of theater for the third year he explains his motivation in creating this event, “I like intelligent theater, one that moves your ideas, makes you think and brings out with a new way of looking at life.”

Víctor Jiménez began his theater career at an early age (15) in Mexico City, performing in small plays and shows around the city working with theater coaches from whom he learned a lot, among those who stood out in his life were: Roberto Souza, Delia Casanova, Hector Bonilla.

The first work in which he participated was ” El circo de pepino, naranja y calabaza” as a presenter. He has was in short films, participated in a telenovela called ” La casa al final de la calle “, under the production of Juan Osorio.

Focusing on intellegent theater, this year’s Theater Festival Jiménez presents six works of which he invites the public to enjoy each one. The productions deal with varied themes, including comedy, drama, melodramas and musicals.

The first play on May 25, ” Entonces ¿qué somos?”; is a love story seen through the lense of social networks and how falling in love has evolved.

” Lobos por corderos” presents on day two, by playwright Reynols Robledo and directed by Víctor Jiménez, which talks about the values of everyday life, and the double standards of people. This story is unleashed after the accident of a school bus and how to deal with a proposal to keep all misfortune hidden.

On the 27th and 28th of May, coming directly from Mexico City, the entire cast of, ” Y llegaron las brujas”, a work of comedy, which has been shown in CDMX for the past 25 years and promises to make the people of Vallarta cry with laughter.

On Wednesday, May 29, “El marqués de Sade” is presented, the story tells of the 27 years that the Marquis de Sade spent in jail and how he managed to make his writings become a book despite being locked up. This play will be the only one that has two showings on the same day, one at 8:00 p.m. and 10:30 pm.

“Historias de Cabaret” is presented with Coral Arroyo, on May 30, representing “La Gata forum cafe”, where political issues will be discussed with humor and social satire.

To close with the festival, “El amor a los 40” is presented on June 1 at 8:30 pm. This story tells of two divorcees who seek to remake their love life with other people, but who on the way face the judgement of their family and society.

While the plays are presented in Spanish, the emotion and passion are universal languages. Experience something new and different and immerse yourself in Vallarta’s rich local theater scene.

Tickets can be purchades at Optics OCI, located on Av. Francisco Villa # 1319, News Karina and online at www.ticketopolis.com/tercerallamadapv
For more information at 322 115-1995
All productions will be performed at Tercera Llamada on González Gallo Street # 103, across from Macroplaza.