Tech N’ Stuff: Mobile Apps for the Elderly

“Knowing how to use a smartphone opens up an incredible range of possibilities for seniors”.

Technology has advanced a lot, reaching everywhere and at all ages. Living without a mobile phone today seems nearly impossible. However, for many older people, mobile technology is an entirely different world that does not interest them or they struggle with how to use it. And this can be an issue because there is a world of possibilities at hand that can make life easier.

While many people of a certain generation have resisted the use of smartphones,  when you choose to travel or live away from family for extended periods they can be a lifeline in many ways. From video calls with grandchildren to apps that help with medications tracking exercise and activity there are even apps designed to keep your brain sharp.

Autonomy: Apps can allow us to take care of all the little details right from the palm of our hand. And when you live in a foreign country with a foreign language using apps for online shopping, banking and paying bills  it can be the difference of accomplishing one thing or all the things in a day.

Relaxation: Many apps help with relaxing including reading books and newspapers online, learning a language , and playing games that can have health benefits for brain agility.

Socializing: By far the most popular,  Facebook Twitter and Instagram,  are all ways to share ideas photos and information with friends and family easily from anywhere.

Health: Track appointments,  collect contact information for doctors,  set reminders,  maintain prescriptions,  track exercise,  calories and activity.

Some top suggested apps:

  • Medisafe: An app for the management of medicines that avoids forgetting to take the pills. It has an option to notify family members if they do not take the corresponding medicine.
  • Life 360: A locator that allows the user’s relatives to know where they are at all times, very useful in the case of people with dementias. In addition to the location it also allows you to track a lost or stolen phone. It uses modern GPS technology.
  • Swiftkey: With this app the keyboard will become larger and someone with limited sight can write without problems in applications such as WhatsApp.

They are all available for Android and iOS.