Spanish Bloopers / Huevos

Sandra Cesca
This new biweekly column is for all of us who are still struggling with the Spanish language…and for those who just want to enjoy a good laugh! Although I have lived here seven years, I still make many mistakes with words that sound the same but are entirely different or with the same word that has double or triple meanings, some resulting in various degrees of embarrassment.
So here’s mine for this week:
So at a breakfast stop when I first moved here I innocently asked the waiter, “Tienes huevos?” Big mistake. He grabbed his private parts and said yes! Wondering why he did this while others were laughing, I was told I was asking if he had balls…huevos being a slang term for such! The proper way to ask for eggs is, “Hay huevos?”
Send me your bloopers and a little story to go with them. I will even credit you if you wish. Let’s share the fun, have some laughs, and perhaps learn a bit more: