Punta Mita Golf Academy: Practice with a plan

As we know learning anything new can be tough and as we get older trying to juggle practice time along with family and work becomes increasingly difficult!  In this article series I’d like to help the beginning and intermediate golfers improve their game by working on things that don’t take much time to improve but will make your game remarkably better instantly…

Practice with a plan

I like you, have little time to actually practice due to my time constraints on the lesson tee, but when I do I like to have a plan of action.  I try to work on something that is plaguing my game, not just my swing.  Sometimes it could be hitting wedges to a specific distance or other times it’s me working on my shot patterns for the course.  Sadly, most of the time when people go to practice all I see is them beating balls and not working on their games, just getting exercise and wasting time.  Remember the practice tee is for “working” on your game and by hitting “shots” you will use on th golf course you will save yourself some strokes in the end!