Pick your Passion – Charitable Giving

There is a vast difference between the “public sector” and the “private sector” when it comes to hospital and medical services.
The Regional Hospital is the state-run hospital and sadly, they lack sufficient resources to serve the underprivileged population of our area. The staff do the very best that they can with the meager supplies that they receive. I think that they can do more with duct tape than anyone I know. They serve an overwhelming amount of people from the critically ill to the massive amount of newborns that are born there.
You will often see in my newsletters and my Facebook page requests for items as well as photos of some of the donations that many kind-hearted people bring to my office. I thave someone from the Regional Hospital that I know pick up and take the items to Regional where they are distributed by the staff there. I am not big on handing out donations to people personally as I believe that these folks should be able to keep as much pride as possible.
Patients there need to have someone provide them with soap, shampoo – absolute basics. Many of the newborns don’t even have a receiving blanket or “onsie” to go home in. So, in my heart I have no doubt that when a patient receives a small packet of hygiene supplies or a new mother receives a couple of newborn outfits and a baby blanket, this will not “fix” their economic situation but it most certainly will be very much appreciated at the moment.
The ladies that give me boxes of crocheted/knitted newborn hats or the quilted baby blankets have made these with love in their hands and hearts and I like to think that the receiving person knows this.
The same goes for the soap, shampoo, washcloths, deodorant and everything else that these kindhearted folks donate. We are always in need of medical supplies as well, from bandages to diabetic supplies. During the holiday season, as is common every year, donations for nearly all charities increase and of course, toys for kids (which is great by the way) but I like to try to remind people that items are needed year round – not just at the holidays.
I have way more ideas than I do time but I would so very much like to put a group of people together who would be willing to “lend a hand” at various times. Whether it be going to visit someone who is at Regional and has no family/friends, take a few supplies, chat a bit, to perhaps assisting a spouse of a patient in one of the private hospitals as well; maybe take them to lunch or offering to drive them to do errands.
Oftentimes these folks are tourists who came here for a dream vacation and one of them ends up being critically ill, leaving the partner/spouse pretty much lost. Of course I do what I can to assist but sometimes they need a “non-medical” person to chat with, hang out with. If you would be interested in assisting once in a while please do email me.
You will hear me say “pick your passion” when it comes to charitable organizations here. There are many deserving groups and organizations! And bless them all! I do hope that the act of giving can be carried throughout the year and not just during the holidays. You are welcome to email me directly for our “Wish List”.
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – Dr. Seuss
Have a merry week!

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