New proposed minimum salary for domestic workers

The rate is more than double the national minimum wage

The National Minimum Wage Commission (Conasami) has proposed setting the daily minimum salary for domestic workers at 249 pesos (US $12.70).
Commission president Andrés Peñaloza Méndez said that a Conasami study estimated that 90% of employers have the financial capacity to pay the wage proposed.
The rate is more than double the national minimum wage, which increased by 16% to 103 pesos on January 1.

Peñaloza predicted that the pay increase will be approved in December, adding that Conasami will hold talks with the relevant government agencies to ensure the new wage scheme is implemented effectively.
Just over 1.4 million domestic workers, most of whom are impoverished women, are expected to benefit.
According to Consami, almost 40% of people employed in homes in urban areas earn a monthly wage below 3,104 pesos (US $160), an amount which social development agency Coneval says is the minimum required for a person to be able to afford to pay basic expenses.
Peñaloza also said that Conasami will explore the possibility of offering a range of other incentives to domestic workers including tax breaks.
Statistics showed that almost 97% of household employees didn’t have access to social security benefits in the first quarter of 2019 but that is expected to change as the Senate approved new labor legislation earlier this month.
The legislation guarantees basic employment rights to domestic workers including a minimum wage, paid vacations, social security benefits, health care, annual bonuses and maternity leave.
Under the law, anyone who employs a cleaner, cook, live-in maid, babysitter or gardener in their home must formalize the relationship with a written contract.

Original: Mexico News Daily