Movember! What is it?

It is the month of November, creating awareness for men’s health, specifically focusing on prostate and testicular cancer.
One of the first items one thinks of in association with the prostate is the lab study: PSA (Prostate-specific antigen). This is a protein produced by normal (as well as malignant) cells of the prostate gland. The PSA evaluates the level in a man’s blood. Most PSA leaves the body in semen but still, a small amount stays in the bloodstream.
We asked Dr. Carlos Garcia (Urologist) a few questions!
Opinions vary as to when (age) and how often a man should have a PSA test. What is your opinion?
If there is a history of prostate cancer, then I suggest starting at the age of 40 years. If there is no family history, then at the age of 50 years. In the beginning, the frequency should be yearly but after the 60’s, if the PSA stays below 1.5, it can be done every other year.
Does a high PSA necessarily indicate prostate cancer? What other factors can contribute to a high PSA?
A high PSA (between 4 and 10) can be related to inflammatory prostate processes (prostatitis, urinary instrumentation, ejaculation). Approximately 30% can be related to prostate cancer in this range when the prostate cancer is small and can be treated and cured with no extreme side effects. With a PSA of 10 or above, the significance of the cancer increases and the risk of lymph node involvement and other metastasis increases as well.
A PSA is a simple, inexpensive blood test!
Dr. Carlos Garcia attended medical school at the University in Michoacán, and then two years in a general surgery specialty at the Hospital General Nezahualcoyotl followed by a urology specialty at Hospital Juarez de Mexico. Trained in HIFU in 2005, he became a HIFU proctor in 2010. He has travelled extensively to Uzbekistan, Poland, Israel and Turkey, training the urologists in that area about HIFU and most recently, his travels have included several more European countries. He says: “Modern medicine has added years to life, but we now see a need to be able to add life to the years. We now have a large amount of men coming from all over North America to be treated by Dr. Garcia and his team. Needless to say, Dr. Garcia is “every guy’s friend” and with his entertaining sense of humor, all of his patients not only receive the best in urological care, but they usually have some good laughs too! HIFU is by no means the only treatment used by Dr. Garcia. We invite you to attend his talk “What’s New in Prostate Cancer Treatment”. This will be at 9am at Vallarta Medical Center. We do request an RSVP to as space is limited. We promise this to be enlightening and it is always entertaining when Dr. Carlos is involved!
We also have a special-priced package this month for Movember of PSA, Urinalysis and consult for 800 pesos! Email for info!
We look forward to your participating in all of our Movember events!
Here’s to a doozie of a week!

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