Fusing Mexican and German cuisine and culture, Black Forest Restaurant celebrates 20th anniversary with a special Valentine’s dinner

The Black Forest Restaurant in the charming village of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle is extremely excited to celebrate the 20th season of their German family restaurant.

One of the things that stands out during those incredible 20 years is the interaction of their German culture with the Mexican culture. There is no better way of interacting with another as through cuisine and art.

Owner Andrea Kueffner writes, “In our restaurant we focus on German cuisine daily and especially with the Beer Tasting that takes place once a month during high season, but we prefer to use fresh Mexican ingredients as much as we can, and our Mexican family and staff teach us about Mexican culture and cuisine every day.”

They are also grateful that the Black Forest Restaurant could participate in the development of a dual education training program together with the Mexican Government and with ILO (International Labor Organization). This training program is designed to train young people as assistant production manager in SMB restaurants.

Now with the new addition of Diana Granados Perez and Miserc Leobardo Rodriguez Aguilar as new trainees they would like to go a step further.

Black forest restaurant desertDiana and Leo originate from San Pedro Atocpan, a small community located in the Federal District of Mexico. It is known for the preparation of mole sauce, which employs most of the community and provides almost all the sauce that is eaten in Mexico City. Generally, a mole sauce contains a fruit, chili pepper, nut, and such spices as black pepper, cinnamon, cumin, and chocolate. The ingredients are roasted and ground into a fine powder or paste. This roasting and grinding process is extremely laborious and takes at least a day to accomplish by hand. Many families have their own varieties of mole passed down for generations, with their preparation reserved for special events in large batches. Mole is always served over something and never eaten alone. Mole poblano is most traditionally served with turkey, but it and many others are also served with chicken, pork, or other meats (such as lamb).

Here in Mexico Valentine’s Day is a day of friendship and love, so the Black Forest Restaurant is going to celebrate their friendship and bond with Mexico through a fusion of both cuisines for Valentine’s Dinner.

Chef Winfried in cooperation with Diana and Leo are creating for Valentine’s a 3-course menu that showcases some highlights from the German and the Mexican Cuisine. You’ll start with a house cocktail followed by a Mexican salad covered with slices of salmon marinated in tequila and chipotle, as you progress through a dinner of medallions of pork fillet in a homemade mole sauce, it wouldn’t be complete without something sweet for the soul – poppy seed Spätzle on a raspberry coulis. The price for the 3-course dinner with the house cocktail is 479 pesos per person.

For more information or reservation please call (01329) 2955203, send an email to reservations@blackforestpv.com or visit www.blackforestpv.com. Their regular menu is also available.