Meet Fabiola of Shining Sprouts

Eight years ago Fabiola Lopez and her family were trying to reduce their red meat consumption. A good friend of hers taught her how to sprout lentils. She was amazed by the nutritional value of sprouted legumes. She and her husband, Roberto, started sprouting lentils, mung and fenugreek at home. That ́s how her home business Shining Sprouts got started. “We are a team, ́ ́ says Fabi. ́ ́

I’m the food techno- logist, Roberto is the visual arts specialist, and my son is the quality control taster.” At the time they were participating in the first farmer’s market in Puerto Vallarta, currently known as Olas Altas Farmers Market, selling non-dairy milk. It was going ok but as soon as they introduced the sprouts everything changed. They happily made the switch to a healthy food option.

Fabi experimented with all types of seeds but always came back to the lentils, mung and fenugreek for their flavor and great nutritional value. Plus they sprout so easily in Vallarta’s humid climate. Every week the beans are rinsed, soaked, and put into glass jars. Within two days, you have fresh sprouts to bring to the market. Sprouted lentils offer more health benefits than boiled mature lentils.

When the seeds sprout, the nutritional content increases, a major benefit of sprouted seeds in general. This season Shining Sprouts has added a new product line at the Olas Altas Farmers Market— vegan and vegetarian panini sandwiches, tacos and salads all made with sprouted seeds. Fabi uses a vegan mild chipotle sauce to add a special flavor to the veggies.

And of course her popular organic basil dressing is also available. It goes well not only with sprouts but with pasta as well. “At Shining Sprouts we strongly believe in supporting local producers. Almost all of the ingredients we use, such as the bread, tortillas, cheese, turmeric, honey and basil come from producers of the market.”

“Someone came to our stand and told us, ‘Wow, it’s not meat and it sells’ “ You can find Fabi and Roberto at the Olas Altas Farmers Market on Saturdays, La Cruz on Sundays and Sayulita on Fridays. Shining Sprouts—Offering healthy, energetic, fresh, affordable and great tasting foods. 178 1046 and 322 152 0903

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