Medical Matters: Summer is coming! Prepare for Mosquitos!

It is still too early for the rains but you can feel them coming. The air is thicker and has a different smell. Like a wet smell. This means it is time to prepare for more mosquito prevention. On patios and balconies, clear off any containers where water can gather. Check drains to make sure they are not clogged with gunk. Yes, there is now a vaccine for dengue and yes, it is available here. A personal choice as are all vaccines and if you would like information, just send me an email. And speaking of vaccines, no we do not yet have the new Shingles vaccine available here yet. In fact, vaccines have been hard to find around here lately, of any kind.

The summer months are also a good time to take care of having a physical, having a colonoscopy and maybe some of those other studies that no one really wants to do but knows it is a good idea. A bit more space available during the summer months.

And a word of advice who are away for the summer and will be returning in the fall. If you would like an appointment with one of the two dermatologists that we work with, you might think about making that appointment now. I have had to turn away a vast amount of people who emailed me saying they would like an appointment in the next week or so before they leave for the summer. Sorry. Nothing available!

Back to the weather which always seems to be a big topic this time of year. Yes. The heat and humidity are on the way. Yes. The rains are coming. Complaining about it does not do one single thing to stop the arrival. Just do some prep to get ready!

I would like to put a big plug in here for my friend Bill Kelly’s Cooling Ties. These handy dandy neck scarves have built in gel or some such thing that when put around your neck, really do work to help keeping you cool! He even has them for dogs! Very fashionable colors, designs and fabrics. You can send me an email for further information. (You can find Bill and his cooling ties at the Three Hen’s and a Rooster Market every Saturday, year round.)

How about sending in your tips for keeping cool in the summer months? I can add them in the weekly articles!

Our May newsletter is now out there and it is short and sweet this month. In June we will have some excellent speakers programs to include summer health issues such as dehydration, sunstroke, fungus in your toes and some other fun stuff.

Our monthly clinics are SCREENING clinics meaning procedures are not done. Screening for skin cancer. Screening for thyroid issues. Screening for cardiac problems and so on. If you are here this summer, you might want to take advantage of the clinics for certain yearly checks as one my 1,000 things to do this summer is to revise, revamp, reorganize our clinics.  The prices have not risen in years and years and it is time. Do not worry. Not too much.

Here’s to a stunning week!

Pamela Thompson on Email
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