Medical Matters: Random Acts of Kindness

Although the past few months I have had more than my fair share of WTF moments, in reality, there have been so very many amazing people that I have crossed paths with, whether it be a patient, a patient family member, co-workers among a multitude of other human beings. These are people that don’t post of their good deeds for all to read about though I do try to get some of their kindly acts on my Facebook page from time to time.

I have a small group of volunteers that I call upon from time to time to assist with someone in need. This can be driving someone to a doctor’s appointment or doing some shopping for a caregiver who cannot leave their loved one, to making tray decorations for patient food trays for a holiday meal. They know who they are and they are a small group but mighty. They have a huge impact on the lives of the people that they are assisting. Hospital housekeepers are another group of unsung heroes. I have always said if one wants to know what is going on in a hospital, ask one of the housekeepers! They literally know the crap of the hospital. They empty trash cans, scrub toilets, clean up vomit, make sure there is toilet paper in the restrooms among a zillion other things to make life in a hospital run smoothly. Always, and I do mean always, get on the good side of the housekeepers. As well, they are probably the best cooks around. Physician office receptionists are another group that should be praised. They are yelled at (in a language foreign to them) by some, they have to juggle doing ten things at once as they answer phones, schedule appointments, collect fees and somehow try to explain to a non-Mexican patient that “no, I cannot accept your Medicare card to pay for this office visit.”

The people that bring donations by the bagful to my office for Regional Hospital, whether it be delicately, hand-sewn baby blankets to newborn “onesies” as well as medical supplies – another group of angels. I wonder if these wonderful donors realize how they have brightened someone’s day with these donations. The bag of hotel soaps and shampoos might not seem like much but those could be the difference in a patient at the Regional Hospital having soap to bathe with that day!

You could not pay me to be an admissions receptionist at any hospital. These are the people that have to collect payments. Sometimes it goes smoothly. Sometimes it does not.

There are so many people that commit “Random Acts of Kindness” every day around here. We probably don’t know about it because they don’t toot their own horns. Some of the comments I read on various Facebook boards make me cringe and I often wonder if these people that post such mean-spirited comments really ARE that way or if they are in reality, basically nice people but behind the shield of a computer screen project them- selves as bullies.

I am just so very grateful for the quiet but mighty people who go about their day and sometimes our lives overlap. They are reminders that there really are good people in this chaotic and topsy-turvy world we live in.

Here’s to a kind week!

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