Medical Matters: More on Your Feet!

I recently wrote about the fabulous ‘medical pedicures’ available here in the area. I am surely addicted to these and so are many others. But if one is a diabetic, it is even more important to take care of your feet and toes!

A diabetic should check their feet daily for any cuts, wounds. A very minor issue can quickly become a major emergency before you know it! A small blister from where shoes that are too tight can cause some major damage. Diabetes diminishes blood flow so oftentimes, wounds are much slower to heal. This brings a risk of infection which can spread quickly, even faster in a diabetic.

Look for puncture wounds, bruises, redness, scratches, blisters and toenail problems.  Look between the toes as well! Experts say to check six locations on the bottom of each foot: the tip of the big toe, bottom of the little toes, bottom of the middle toes, heel, outside edge of the foot and across the ball of the foot.

Look for any new bunions, calluses or corns. The color of your foot is important too. A darkening of the skin may indicate a diminishment in the blood supply. Bruises within a callus is very important to have checked.

Oftentimes diabetics have a neuropathy, loss of feeling and sensations in the feet. The top of the foot is normally the first area to lose feeling, then the bottom. It might not feel numb but a gradual decrease in feeling a light touch, temperature or even feeling your shoes on indicates a foot that can be at risk.

Wash the feet daily and do not soak them. Pat dry each foot with a clean towel. Use a lotion to keep the feet soft but do not put it between the toes. Toenails should be trimmed straight across and avoid cutting the corners. An ingrown toenail means see a foot specialist right away! Avoid sitting cross-legged. This decreases blood supply to the feet.

For an appointment with our foot specialist or for an appointment for a medical pedicure, just send an email!

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