“McCartney”* Jeremy Wright’s tribute to Paul McCartney & The Beatles

Not only is Sir Paul McCartney a founding member of The Beatles, the most famous rock band in history, he is also half of the most successful and prolific song writing team of all time. Together with John Lennon, he has published over 180 songs. More than Leiber & Stoller, Bacharach & David, or any of the other famous song writing teams. And with versions by more than 2,200 artists, from Molly Hatchet to Ray Charles, the song “Yesterday” is the most covered song in history.

Inducted into The Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame, McCartney is the recipient of 18 Grammy awards and has placed 32 songs at #1 on The Billboard Hot 100. Heavily influenced by early American Rock and R’n’B music, he is proficient on guitar, drums and piano. But his favourite instrument is his Hoffner bass, which he plays left handed, often emulating the styles of his heroes, Motown’s James Jamerson and Beach Boy Brian wilson.

Paul McCartney has continued to be a successful and influential musician long after the The Beatles disbanded. His albums, both solo and with the group Wings, have sold in the millions. His concert tours have drawn huge crowds all over the world, including 184,000 to a concert in Rio, the largest paid concert attendance in history. Not bad for guy who can’t read music!

Jeremy Wright is a brilliant young entertainer, based in Toronto, Canada, who has the uncanny ability to morph into Paul McCartney, seeming at will. And he doesn’t just look like the famous music star, he also plays piano, guitar, drums and a Hoffner bass, left handed of course. He also has the voice and style and panache to complete the picture. Years of performing in rock bands, stage plays and on concert tours has helped Jeremy hone his skills as a musician and singer, much to the delight of audiences across Canada, the US, the Bahamas and The Cayman Islands.

Jeremy brings his McCartney show to Banderas Bay for an exclusive, one night, dinner show at The Luna Lounge, in Bucerias, on Thursday, February 8th. Find out more about his show at www.lunaloungebucerias.com and elsewhere here in The Tribune.

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