Marsol Friday Market by the Pier

What a delightful Market last week as we hosted not only the Bagel King of the entire Bay of Banderas –Peter Hardy, but also the Pie Guy, Mark Hughes, whose amazing pies stuffed with all things sweet and savory, made the day fly by. They may or may not be back to our little summer Market; both have tantalizing futures waiting to materialize soon, which may very well take all their respective time. Come and see us anyway!

And, while you’re here, have a chat with Ricardo Mazcal and get a supply of “Warrior Extract.” If you work out, run, play tennis, whatever, you know there are days when your energy levels are not where they should be. I have found the Warrior Extract helpful, particularly with maintaining focus and not merely going through the motions but lifting the weights with a clear idea of why. An eyedropper half an hour before I reach the gym, then another dose immediately before I start working out, seems to be the most effective. My last workout I left the gym feeling remarkably uplifted; that lasted the entire 45-minute walk home. Very interesting and definitely worth trying!

“Beach Booty” unveils more and more treasures every week. New pieces set in silver are ‘beach tiles’ and an array of fashionable, funky bracelets. Take your favorite gift of the sea home as a constant reminder of your time in Vallarta.

The Marsol Friday Market by the Pier is open at 9:30 am to 1:30 pm all year-round.

Marcia Blondin