Marsol Friday Market by the Pier

If you are new to Vallarta, you will hear lots of comments about September. Among them “It’s the hottest, most humid,” “Everything is closed for ‘renovations,’” “Septi-HAMBRE,” part of which translates to HUNGER, and so on and so forth.

The best thing about September is, it’s Patriot Month. Every store is hung with red, green and white bunting, You can buy flags, souvenir coffee mugs, tee shirts, blankets, decals, goofy hats, and more all bedecked in the colors of the Mexican flag.

You can also get appropriately colored feathers at Marsol Market. These are made by Marcia on tiny but sturdy clips that will sit on just about anything. Your shirt pocket, a button, a handbag, a set of keys, etc. You should see how lovely they are on a little Mexican girl’s pitch black hair – muy festivo! And on the leash of your Chihuahua? Proof right there your doggie is Mexican! (Other breeds may use them as well, permission from the Mexican Chihuahua Association has been secured.)

Be a part of the Independence Day, September 15-16 Grito all month long!

If wearing feathers is something you just cannot do, then ask David Ruesga about his brilliant cubic zirconia pendants. They are absolutely dazzling in sunlight, each facet radiating light.

Ricardo had some labeling difficulties last week so the “Warrior Extract” will be on hand this Friday. Sorry to those who came in for their bodybuilder husbands, looking to boost performance with the new extract; come back September 7. Ricardo will have it with or without proper labels!

The Marsol Friday Market by the Pier is open from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm all year-round.

Marcia Blondin