From Here: March 8 – 14

Starting and stopping today with Paco Ojeda. First up was his thoroughly entertaining A CAPPELA lecture complete with theory and a truly gross video of human vocal cords at work. (Eeeuuu.) Paco invited the Vallarta Vocalista Ensemble to prove his point that we are an orchestra. His research was impeccable as always and everyone left Incanto knowing more than when they went in; Paco’s raison d’etre and we are grateful that he does all the work and makes learning so much fun. The Vocalistas were amazing. Perhaps they will be brought back this season if enough people asked for them. (There’s a broad hint.)

A new, interesting person has popped into my life and, as a non-believer in coincidence, I thought I’d share her with you: She’s a very experienced Registered Massage Therapist. A Canadian, although she was born prematurely in Mexico so that makes her a citizen of both. At any rate the difference is, Dawn Nichol specializes in professional dancers and musicians. She has toured with pro dance companies as their literal hands-on person to deal with injuries on the road. She is so dedicated to the athleticism of dancers, she has written a self-care handbook for them. I am reading it this week and will pass on a review next. Her info is in this issue – give her a call if you need a professional’s professional to do some work on you or someone you know. Dawn will happily work on “normal people” as well!

I went to see friend and extraordinary performer Amberley Beatty at Incanto last weekend – “Real Patsy”. Something owner Tracy Parks said really struck a chord with me. The show was a sell-out with waiting list and his general manager, Gilberto, wasn’t working. The kitchen was swamped with orders and the piano bar was full, too. Tracy said this crowd who came to see Amberley’s flawless reincarnation of Patsy Cline was different. I knew maybe only six people in the entire building which is very strange. But the crowd was quiet, unhurried and patiently waited for service. From the research I did on Ms. Cline, she seemed to have a warm kindness about her; how interesting that quality has filtered down to her fans. It was an outstanding show and—This just in! Really!—Amberley will be back at Incanto, reprising “Real Patsy”, Saturday, March 10 at 9:30 pm. Run for tickets!

This Saturday coming up at Venustiano Carranza 466, home of the Three Hens & A Rooster Market is a workshop on “Mandala Weaving” from 10 am to 1 pm. Go to The Art Guild PV on Facebook to register and learn how to make these wonderful “God’s Eyes”. The rock painting workshop last week was well attended and infused the very air of the Market with fun.

Ending this session with Paco Ojeda who has been talking about doing live interviews on Facebook for some time now. He finally got his ducks in a row and invited ME to be his first interviewee! It’s a complicated techie process but Paco does these things better than anyone I know. So, we sat last Sunday up in the not-yet- open bar at Incanto and chatted Live on Facebook about various Artisan Markets in Vallarta. I was so pleased (if baffled) to be asked: being a guinea pig is GOOD! If you are interested in being interviewed and/or want to see what we talked about, go to: Paco Ojeda live on Facebook and check it out.

Be kind to each other, From Here.

Marcia Blondin