Los Mangos Library Update: Color, Comfort and Editorial Novelties

This update will reach you in the days when Los Mangos Library is still closed to the public “for remodeling and maintenance”. The truth is that the task we are carrying out these days is much more exciting than cleaning and painting walls: we are re-creating the interior of our library.

At almost twenty-two years of age, everyone’s library needs color, wants to offer greater comfort to its users and understands that the reality that today happens outside the walls and within the heart of our community, demands new words. It is a titanic task because each improvement, each new acquisition, involves a mobilization of resources that suddenly surpasses us, suddenly challenges us, suddenly encourages us …

So we are going to paint the walls, to reorganize the bookshelf, to rethink the organization of our collection, but above all the aesthetic, we will work to offer pleasant spaces, friendly for reading, for collaborative work and for participatory learning. We will update our collection, to create sections devoted to special collections: award-winning authors, youth literature, entrepreneurship, a renewed children’s collection, personal development, sustainability, contemporary novel, local authors, etc. Sure it will take some time but we trust that if we can see it in our heads, we can have it in our hands.

You can be part of this very important renewal by donating in cash through Paypal to bibliotecalosmangos@gmail.com or via electronic transfer to our Scotiabank account or in kind with materials and editorial novelties; or donate time and talent as a volunteer, send your contact information, your area of expertise or interest and your schedule availability to direccion@bibliotecalosmangos.org