Lennon & McCartney The most celebrated song writing duo in history

Not only were Paul McCartney and John Lennon founding member of The Beatles, the most famous rock band in history, they are the most successful and prolific song writing team of all time. Together they published over 180 songs. More than Leiber & Stoller, Bacharach & David, or any of the other famous song writing teams. And with versions by more than 2,200 artists, from Molly Hatchet to Ray Charles, their song “Yesterday”  is the most covered song in history. Heavily influenced by early American R&B and rock’n’roll, they were inducted into The Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame, amassed numerous Grammy awards and placed dozens of songs at the top of The Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Jeremy Wright is a brilliant young entertainer, based in Toronto, Canada, who has the uncanny ability to morph into Paul McCartney, seeming at will. And he doesn’t just look like the famous music star, he also plays piano, guitar, drums and a Hoffner bass, left handed of course. He also has the voice, style and panache to complete the picture. Years of performing in rock bands, stage plays and on concert tours has helped Jeremy hone his skills as a musician and singer, much to the delight of audiences across Canada, the US, the Bahamas and The Cayman Islands.

Tyler Dadswell, is another Toronto based musician who is well known in tribute show circles. After studying jazz guitar at Ontario’s Mohawk College, Tyler built a reputation as an exciting entertainer who connects with audiences and never fails to deliver a great  performance. He has toured in shows throughout Ontario and on Caribbean cruises. His talent and attention to detail always shine through. Together, with Jeremy, he launched “Lennon & McCartney”, a unique tribute to the famous British song writing team.

The Lennon & McCartney tribute appears at Incanto on March 16, The Luna Lounge on March 17th, and at La Pina Colada, in Guayabitos, on March 19. More info is available on the venue web sites and here in the Vallarta Tribune.

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Merv Buchanan
Merv Buchanan is a Calgary based entertainment contractor, record producer and music industry entrepreneur. He is the creator of MuchMusic's national Video Dance service and a former recording studio technology instructor at Fanshawe College, in London, Ontario.