La Cocina: Moving Day, Starting New

Given the current changes we have coming up all across Mexico—Federal and Local elections plus our changing weather—it seemed like a good time to mix up my life and move homes.

I put my home up on the market this past year when it became evident that mentally, and perhaps more so, emotionally I will never be able to embrace this home as my own after the death of my spouse last year.  A funny thing happens when you are living in a place that you both loved.  You find yourself struggling to move on, but at the same time it feels odd when you make changes to your home and especialy, in my case my garden.

So once it looked like my home would sell I started to look at options for a new place to call home.   Now you would think being a realtor this would be an easy thing, but maybe knowing the city the way I do as well as knowing I can be happy in a lot of locations across our bay area, I knew  I needed professional help!

I looked online at all the new listings that met my criteria and went to see many, empty lots, projects, houses with driveways, houses with steps, views, no views, the list goes on.  The truth is that I had to stop and realize that on most of my days I still go to an office, at least once a day.  So that helped me to narrow down the search.  Our traffic has gotten quite bad during the winter months and that combined with a schedule that more resembles speed dating than a normal work life I decided being close to my office made sense.   That realization, as I push forward with my new life here in Vallarta, happened with my realtor and also a person who is my best friend.

I realized that in talking with him, I was talking about more than just the walls. We were having the conversation that I always have with my clients.  What is this home for you? A place to gather? a rental property?  How do you plan to use it and for how long?  All these questions that for me are so easy to ask others just were not working in my brain.  Then I realized that I was making a change not based on my desire to leave something behind but to start new. This change was very different as I was starting new alone, for the first time in over 20 years, and that had made this decision easy to put off.

So, as we go over the next few months, I am moving to a temporary home by the river and starting a construction project on a new home.  Something that I already feel completely overwhelmed by as I was never the designer in our life.   At the same time, I have a clear idea of the outcome I am looking to achieve.  I had to remind myself, I do know some of the best local designers and architects, after all, everyone has offered help, something I will be saying yes to a lot over the next few months.

James Nash
Realtor at Rainbow Realty
A believer that a simple, flavorful meal shared with friends is one of our life's true joys, a local resident of Vallarta, James (aka Jimmy) shares his knowledge and passion for the culinary arts, local architecture and Puerto Vallarta real estate.