International Altruism Festival: Altruism, Fun, Food and Great Causes

According to the dictionary, yes, some of us still use it, Altruism comes from latin and is related to the word autre, which means other. The full meaning is a conduct of concern for the wellbeing of other; selfless- ness. Altruism takes vision, organization, capability, hard work and a huge heart. These qualities, plus strong leadership, have been the ingredients of one of the most –maybe the most—successful charity events in the bay for more than a decade.

For 14 years Kelly Trainor and the Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort and Spa, and more recently, Fundación Punta de Mita, have put together the International Altruism Festival (#FIAPV). And when we say put together we mean exactly that: they bring together restaurants, events services, entertainers, and volunteers. About 15 of Marriott’s heads of staff and their respective teams get involved. An open call to non-profits is launched in mid March to participate in the selection process, out of which twenty charities are chosen for the privilege of being part of the festival. All these pieces are precisely assembled and work to create a wonderful experience for approximately 1500 attendees and achieve the best possible fundraising effort for the selected non-profits. So yes, we are talking about months of dozens of people, personal and professional time, dedicated to make #FIAPV happen every year. That is altruism.

FIAPV will be held Sunday May 6th at the Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa. Doors open at 6 p.m. Tickets are now available for $400.- pesos pre-sale price ($500.- at the door the night of the event).You can buy them through any of the participating non-profits. To know them all visit them on Facebook.

FIAPV is a delicious food, beverage and dessert tasting. With your entrance ticket you can have all the food you want from the best restaurants, bars and pastry shops in town. You can enjoy first class entertainment and get to know 20 social projects of all natures that are working in the bay area to solve and transform the future of people, animals and the environment. These twenty non-profits are committed to use the proceeds of the festival in their core programs and services.

Los Mangos Library and Cultural Center, for example, has set a very clear goal for the money we raise through FIAPV this year: for the first time, we are making a serious investment in children’s and especially young adult’s books (which we do not have enough of and not as a collection). Our goal is to raise a minimum of 50,000 pesos to buy these books which users have repeatedly requested and much more. The donations raised at FIAPV in past years have allowed Los Mangos Library to invest in classroom improvements so that the community can use them and donate fairly for the quality of what they are getting. This has been an extraordinary help in our search of sustainability. The Library has also used the FIAPV funds to improve the kids summer camp experience.

Los Mangos Library is offering ticket delivery, free of charge, if you buy 4 tickets or more. Tickets can be bought at the Library’s front desk Monday through Saturday during business hours.

If you are not planning to attend but you want to contribute to this cause, you can also pay a ticket for a volunteer ($250.- pesos). The event raffle will take place from 6 p.m. until the last prize is given out to a winner (we have hundreds of prizes!).

By Adriana Garcia

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