Health and Wellness: Full Super Moon and the Element of Water in Winter Time

Last super moon for seven years.

It was a full Super Moon this week, on Feb. 19th in Virgo. This full moon is called the Full Snow Moon. It will be the last Super Moon for 7 years; until 2026.

Although this super moon will not be red as the last super moon that occurred with the total lunar eclipse, this Tuesday, the moon reaches perigee, which is its closest point to our planet Earth, making it the brightest, nearest and largest moon of the year.  In ancient times people gave names to each month’s moon; hence, “Snow Moon”.  Our current calendar is now based on the Sun and solar year.

On average, February is the snowiest month in the states and Canada. Our friends back home are certainly experiencing this right now! Berrrzzz! There is an abundance of energy during the full moon.
The season of winter also holds the element of water, the element of pooling, tranquility and flow. This energy is connected significantly to the kidneys, as well as the circulation of the blood, perspiration, tears and the bladder.  The focus during the winter season is about getting a little more down time and rest for the springtime that is quickly approaching.  The cycles of rest and rejuvenation hold the tradition that offers us the opportunity to go within, just like our friend the bear. We can create a space of self hibernation; even if it’s only staying at your own house or relaxing on the beach for a few days of rest, reading and rejuvenation.
When we are at rest, we have the potential for new insights and feelings of calm. If we don’t have calm, this time can become an opportunity to find that peace and calm inside ourselves.  When we take the time to quiet our thoughts it is truly amazing how much clarity can come in; realizing that many of our thoughts are only our “monkey minds” spewing out useless thoughts.

The more you can discern what to keep and what to let go the more clarity you will have in the present moment. Keeping a grounded based mindfulness allows us do our best work within. When we go within we can find new meaning or new perspectives, and then transformation takes place, much like how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.
While this last part of winter can be the time to conserve energy, it certainly doesn’t mean that we need to stay completely still. Especially living here on the bay!  Like the flow of water, we can also learn to flow in paths of less resistance. Paddle boarding, swimming, yoga, dance, and anything that allows the flow of energy in your body is perfect during the winter season, and allows us to feel productive in our time of rest.  It’s also a super great time to pay attention to your dreams and journal ideas.

The season of Spring carries the element of Wood, and is a time for new beginnings and birthing of fresh ideas and decisions.  Decisions are an important part of creating. The element of wood also refers to the living and growing entities – trees, plants and the human body.  When the season of Spring comes, we clean our bodies and homes. During the winter months, we clear our minds.  If you would like assistance of facilitation for clearing lower vibrational energies please contact me at  INJOY!