GALERIA DE OLLAS: Mata Ortiz Pottery

Mata Ortiz is a small village in Chihuahua State. There, over 300 of the villagers are creating the most beautiful, individually designed and handcrafted works of pottery being produced anywhere.

Galeria de Ollas has been dedicated to showcase pieces from the best artists of Mata Ortiz since 1998. In this article I present hightlights of three artists whose pieces are now being exhibited in the gallery among many others.


Lydia Quezada has always been recognized as one of the best ceramist of Mata Ortiz.  Her most beautiful pieces are black on black works in which she burnishes part of the piece to get a shiny surface, paints elegant lines from top to bottom and leaves the rest of the piece matte finish.

She learned from his brother Juan Quezada the art of pottery making on the 70´s when he started to be recognized in museums and important galleries. Her two children Paula and Moroni inherited her artistic gene.


Her parents thought her the ceramic art and she learned and innovated it. She forms big perfect striking pieces not using a potter´s wheel. After burnishing the piece she paints and carves very small and delicate nature´s designs.


I talked to Guille, his mother in order to get information about this fantastic artist. He learned to make pots from The Master, Juan Quezada, his father.  At the beginning Efren said he could not make pots but his father urged him to learn: “You can do it” he said, “ you just have to try harder”. And he did. His new way to form pieces, with big, dramatic cuts on them show the expertise he acquired in the handling of the clay. He is also an expert in the use of the brush when he paints perfect geometrical designs.