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Hey Everybody! We are already in mid July! It seems like the older I become the faster time flies by! Before we know it, our friends from Canada and the US will be back for the winter months.

For a helpful reminder: As you clear your childrens grand childrens closets, please keep in mind the children in Mexico. Gently used clothing and gifts for Christmas are always needed. You may have read one of my articles before or perhaps viewed on Facebook about Nana’s House. Colin Maruk (owner of Breaker’s Beach Bar in Bucerias) and Estelle Nuebling have been working with this orphanage for two years now, starting when there were twenty-three children who needed aid. Today, that number has risen to twenty-nine.

There have been good changes for Nana’s House as the state has given them land to provide a larger facility for housing. These children have been through so much abuse and heartache. At Nana’s House they are safe; returning to school and some have graduated and gone on to university.  Estelle says, “Thank God for Mary Jo and her husband who not only opened their hearts but their home to these children. If you can find a bit of room in your luggage to bring gently used clothing it would be greatly appreciated.”

Here are the sizes that are needed.  Girls: 3 girls size 10, 3 girls size 12, teen girls medium and large tops, pants size 5, 7, 9, and ladies 12.  Boys: 4 small boys six years old * suggest size 7 or 8, 2 eight year old boys suggest size 10, 1 nine year old boy size 10/12, teen boys are 2 size medium, 2 size large. All of the items can be dropped off at Breaker’s Beach Bar in Bucerias. You may also contact Estelle at: Thank you!


THIS WEEKEND IN SAN PANCHO! San Pancho, also known as the “cultural center” of the Riviera Nayarit is really kicking it up a notch this weekend with two huge events, The Corona Sunset Fest and NIIJIMA AMS Open Surfing Contest 2017 presented by Riviera Nayarit.

The surfing contest takes place on the main beach of San Pancho and will be held July 21 to the 23, open to all ages and nationalities. It is endorsed by the Mexican Federation of Surfing and supported by the Surfing Association and state of Nayarit. The event will begin on Thursday, July 20 at 7:00 p.m. with an opening ceremony in which elements of the Wixárica culture will be included and will end on Sunday July 23.

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The categories are: Men’s Open, Women’s Open and City Boys (Amateur) in Short Board mode. There are $100,000 pesos in prizes that will be distributed among the winners of the Open Category (male and female), while the Amateur category will be awarded with products from the sponsors. Activities for everyone include volleyball tournaments, beer pong, along with concerts and DJ’s including performances with Mi Banda El Mexicano by Casimiro Zamudio; Rubén Albarrán DJ Set (Café Tacvba), The Northern Vikings, The Minions, DJ Bola Pirata and DJ Funky Kong and more. All of the activities are free. I know our Nayarit surfers will come out on top! Suerte!

For more information, visit the Facebook pages: AMS San Pancho and Niijima Pro Surf.
The Corona Sunset Fest is a Mexican concept that has become worldwide with five locations in Mexico, and other locations such as like England, China, Italy, and Dubai. These sunset inspired beach festivals are fun-filled with music, activities, food and fireworks lighting up the night sky beginning on July 22 in San Pancho.  This is only for adults 18 years and older with proper identification and minors may not enter.

There is an expected 5000 people to attend the events over the weekend. They are creating a huge elaborate stage and tents along the playa. The soccer field is being turned into the camp ground. The town’s people are painting and sprucing up the town and their businesses for the event. I have heard from my San Pancho sources that the hotels are filled. Corona has given restaurants new plastic corona chairs and flashy new stand up glass door refrigerators with the Corona logo. The Corona Girls are out holding up signs for the event. Many townfolk are happy about this event, as it will create needed summer revenue for San Pancho businesses.

However, there are also other concerns about the sewer and water issues. This time of the year water becomes scarce. With so many people coming this may be an issue. Also, the new sewer for San Pancho is not connected. Although all of the pipes have been installed under the streets they have not been able to hook up to the water treatment plant across the highway, and according to my anonymous source, the raw sewage continues to go straight into the estuary which has caused a terrible overgrowth of water lettuce which has choked the estuary by sucking up all of the oxygen.

READ NEXT  Fun on the Riviera Nayarit

Apparently, all of this falls into the hands of the Banderas Bay Municipality and Oromapas to connect the new treatment plant that is supposedly ready to go. I am hoping that Corona understands the extent of the situation, as they have told folks that everything is under control. I can only hope they are bringing in a lot of port-a-potties! We shall see. To find out more about the Corona Sunset Fest and ticket prices go to .


Thanks for tuning in this week. Enjoy the summer and pray for more rain! Check out our FB page at RivieraNayaritFun and give us a LIKE. Create a super week…AHO!