From Here: Three Tenors

Seems I have so little to do this week with the Palm Cabaret’s last day this season on Thursday, April 11th and my postponement of Chicago at Act II Entertainment until Saturday the 13th, I have put “Comings and Goings” back to bed until the fall. So, if you want to find out what and who I recommend this week, you will have to read through everything!
It has been an extraordinarily emotional week. We said goodbye to Francine Peters with ‘celebrations’ all around Old Town – her ‘hood – with great food, music, tight gatherings of people, bright colors, laughter and at the end of it all, the underlying emptiness of it all is still there: Francine is gone, and nothing we did while she was alive was enough to keep her among us. That’s a terrible sadness that will have to gradually ease up on its own sweet time. Rest in peace, please, Frannie.
Between the announcement of Francine’s passing and her Celebrations, a medium born in Viet Nam namedKennedy Morgan took the stage at the Palm Cabaret in a show produced by Mark McCoy, Cassandra Shaw’shusband. I know many of the people there were hoping Kennedy would/could get in touch with Francine’s spirit but, if I understood him correctly, souls need time to adjust to their new surroundings, so perhaps it was just too soon. Kennedy did manage to link up with a half dozen departed souls related to people in the audience; it was a fascinating hour or two. So intriguing, I totally lost track of time. Kennedy Morgan will be part of next season’s lineup at the Palm. To say it will be ‘something completely different’ would be putting it mildly. I plan to sit down with Kennedy soon for a chat. In the meanwhile, you can contact him on Facebook for private readings.
This coming Friday, at Incanto at 7:30 in the Piano Bar, watch and listen to Patsy Meyer with the fantastic Mark Hartman on piano. At eight, I will go downstairs for Spencer Day’s concert with Zoe and Leon with Alex Gonzalez on percussion. A full report next week.
On to the Three Tenors. The first, Rodolfo, Vallarta’s beloved blind singer who has roved our Malecon for years carrying his heavy battery-powered speaker and microphone. We have enjoyed his twice-weekly performances atCoco Tropical since January. Now it’s time for his voice to rest up a bit and he can devote more time to his serious study of the piano. If you want Rodolfo to entertain for an end-of-season/birthday/anniversary party, do get in touch with me.
Tenor Number Two – young Pata Salada Alejandro Peña. A twenty-nine-year-old with a lifetime of glorious songs to choose from to delight his future audiences. Julie Guerrero has Alejandro entertaining her customers in her resto ´No Way Jose´ and brought him to Jim and David´s house party a couple of weeks ago, where he sang ´Nessum Dorma´ at my request a cappella. Alejandro´s debut performance took place at Incanto April 2nd. The sold-out audience listened to Mexican folk songs, German lieder, English love songs and more. Mark Hartman was sensitive as always, listening carefully to the singers he accompanies brilliantly on piano.
At the end of his show, Alejandro invited Enrique de Allende to join him on stage for the last song. My heart sank for a second because there had been no operatic arias. To my instant joy, of COURSE, they sang ´Nessum Dorma´ from Turandot!!! O M G ! it was tremendously powerful! An instantaneous standing ovation. Amazing. So, Enrique de Allende is Tenor Number Three. Ruggedly handsome, ex-pro-soccer player, now singer (thank all the gods for that) sold out his second show, flies to Mexico City for a couple of concerts then returns to Vallarta.
New show scheduled for Alejandro Peña, at Incanto, Good Friday at 8 pm. Next concert for Enrique de Allende, Monday, April 22nd, also at Incanto, 8 pm. They will each appear at the other´s show, AND both of these newly-scheduled concerts will be different productions. So, if you´ve seen them before – just do it again!
Hug each other long and hard always, every day, From Here.

Marcia Blondin