From Here: Spring

Spring arrives in ten more days. If you want to do something very cool to welcome Spring to Vallarta – be at Cuates y Cuetes next Wednesday, March 20, at 4 pm sharp and witness the Equinox ceremony from the beach. I will meet you there.

Season is winding down somewhat. It must be because Joan Kagan and I had time to have lunch at Seasons P.V. last week. What a super two-hour gabfest we had over incredibly good food. I am not sure why that resto is not packed every minute it’s open. There is something for everyone on the menu, that’s for sure, and it’s not expensive. Staff is always congenial and accommodating. We sat inside in the air conditioning but it wasn’t below zero, and we didn’t have to shout over the sound system.

All in all a delightful afternoon. Joan is a master potter. If you’ve not seen her store, make a point to get there soon, she’s having an end-of-season sale at Lazaro Cardenas 288 in Old Town.

My good friend Bill Makley told me the Artists for Orphans Fundraiser for Corazon de Niña at the River Café last week was a great success. Over 225 people attended, were entertained by the Red Suitcases, and he says, “sales exceeded expectations.” It doesn’t get better than that.

Vallarta received the sad news last week that Janice Chatterton, owner of Casa Kimberley, had passed away. She leaves big shoes to fill in running Vallarta’s SPCA that she founded. I can’t imagine how many animals she saved in her lifetime and then celebrated them in lavish, elegant parties that were easily the best in town. Her struggles with the houses that once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton have resulted in exquisite architectural monuments to her extraordinarily excellent taste. We shall all miss you, Janice and we will never forget you and the work will go on in your honor. Rest in Peace.

Do not let a day go by without giving and receiving hugs. And, be kind, From Here.

Marcia Blondin