From Here: Plans for a Busy May

Wow, May already and not a moment to waste (or relax!). There is so much to do this month and what fun we’ll have celebrating Mother’s Day and Gay Pride.  Restaurant Week starts on the 15th (I reminded RW General Coordinator Juan Pablo Hernandez, it’s a mere five days from becoming Restaurant Month!) The new location for the Saturday Three Hens Market opens this Saturday (come and see me, by the way!) and the double anniversaries for Vallarta at the end of May. I’m leaving out Cinco de Mayo because we don’t bother with it much on this side of Mexico.

Another reason to celebrate: those grandes dames, those sweet-talkin’ and still complaining Princesas Desesperadas are coming back to a castle near you. That’d be Incanto’s theatre where the gals wreaked havoc last year. This outrageously funny play opens Saturday, May 12th at 8:30 pm. I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen it, but I will be there at least twice during this run. It’s that funny, people. And, Juan Pablo (Bella) told me there are lots of new jokes so just because you’ve seen it before doesn’t mean a thing!

Two of the sweetest people in Vallarta – Jim Davis and David Wilhoit had a big party at their lovely home early in April during which they collected 11,500 pesos for charity. My apologies gentlemen for not posting the amount you raised and divvied up sooner; I just found the note I wrote myself this morning. That was their second Annual FROHAP brunch; thank you both again for having David and me.

Speaking of great parties, the JG Group starring Julie Guerrero and Dean McConkey had their end-of-season party last week. The waiters, bartenders, and fab food all came from Julie’s restaurant “No Way, Jose” – Winner of the Tribune’s Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Traditional Mexican Restaurant AND the Best Margarita! The eclectic mix of people invited made the fantastic atmosphere; many of whom I rarely see. At the top of that list was Bob Price, founder, and curator of the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. I well and truly love that man. In the next issue of the Tribune, I will let you know how The Gardens did in the US Today Best of awards.

Until then, be kind to one another, From Here.

Marcia Blondin