From Here

Who likes sushi? Did you know there’s a brand new sushi bar in town? Three of us had dinner last week at Katana Sushi & BarKatana is on Lazaro Cardenas 315 D between Constitucion and Insurgentes. (The ‘D’ means upstairs.) Very fresh décor with an air-conditioned space and a patio fronting the street. The menu is gigantic and full of all kinds of things that are not on my diet, but I had a chicken salad that would have sufficed for dinner it was so big and delicious. I also had the arrachera with rice – most of that went home with me.

Olivier, the owner of Katana, sat down with us to chat. I was curious why a sushi bar and Olivier, originally from Champagne, France, said he lived more than a dozen years in different parts of Asia and thought Vallarta was ready for some authentic Asian food. As I said, the menu is huge and varied.

Another highlight of Katana is: starting next Wednesday, July 18th at 6 pm, Rodolfo, Vallarta’s budding tenor will be performing! I am sure there are lots of “Friends of Rodolfo” still in town, no? I hope everyone will join me at Katana to make Rodolfo welcome and feel comfortable at his new home base for the summertime. I’ll have a full report on Rodolfo’s debut at Katana next week.

Friday night last, stopped at Incanto to wish Beverly Fairfax a happy birthday. She was in splendid regalia at The Piano Bar that was packed with early well-wishers. I wish we could have stayed for cake but reservations at TeatroVallarta to see “Siddhartha the Musical” prevailed. Please do read my review on this astonishing production somewhere else in this issue!

On Saturday, back to Incanto to see 50% of the Princesas Desesperadas in Boa Viagem/Director Ramiro Daniel’s latest production called “Que no se Culpe a Nadie de mi Muerte.” Cesar Trujillo stars as Aurora/Sleeping Beauty in this comedic tragedy with his co-star from PDJose Carlos Ramirez reprising his role as Cinderella (in the highest heels I’ve ever seen). There is quite a bit of audience interaction and some really tricky dialogue (in Spanish, of course) that eluded me but I appreciated the complexities. I keep thinking that the more theatre I see in Spanish that one day I’ll emerge from a play and will have magically understood. One thing is definite – good acting is just that in any language. The play runs every Saturday at 8:30 pm until the end of July.

Sunday, back at Teatro Vallarta for “Dreaming Together” a glorious melding of three gay men’s choruses from New York City, Mexico City, and Vallarta. The intricacies of events like these baffle me. Everyone is a volunteer so how the hell do you get more than fifty singers from the U.S., fifty from Mexico City, get them here, feed them, house them and have them appear on stage ONCE in an entirely seamless production?

Amazing the logistics. When they were all on stage together for their final number, their utter joy at belting out glorious harmonies was palpable. Standing shoulder to shoulder sharing all their differences and their love in common: singing, brought the house to its feet with thunderous applause. Thank you, gentlemen, for bringing us such joy. One day – I hope in my lifetime – we can hear all of you again singing as Men’s Choruses from NYC, Mexico, and Vallarta. After last night’s performance, we are a step closer.

Alfonso Lopez, the Director of the Vallarta’s Gay Men’s Chorus, is stepping down. He made the somewhat startling announcement last night at “Dreaming Together.” I spoke with Alfonso today to find out why and he had this to say, “I will announce soon what the next chapter for me is, but it is very exciting. I am still going to be involved with the PVGMC in a lesser degree – I will help them find their new Artistic Director. They may find more information on the position here.

So there you have it; perhaps this will be a quieter week. Or not. Whatever you do, keep on singing and always be kind, From Here.

Marcia Blondin