From Here

Do you have your tickets for “BOLERO”? There is only one performance of this exquisite ballet at Teatro Vallarta this coming Saturday, June 16 at 8 pm. If the turnout is anything like last month’s superb “Don Quijote,” it may very well sell-out so hurry down to the box office and reserve seats. Don’t miss Ravel’s classic “Bolero.” I will see you there!

If you are not a balletomane, then get over to Incanto to welcome the Princesas Desesperadas back from Lagos de Moreno – home of the Jalisco State artistic/cultural competition. Our fair ladies came home with two significant awards: one for Best Costumes, built by Cesar Bravo and the Audience’s Choice for Best Play. Well done, Perro Bravo Productions. To Juan Pablo as Bella; Juan Carlos as Cinderella; Cesar Bravo as Snow White and Cesar Trujillo as Sleeping Beauty; Ramiro Daniel, Director, and Producer Alain Perreault, Vallarta is so proud.

Princesas only has two more shows: June 16 and 23 at 8:30 pm at Incanto’s Theatre. “Princesas Desesperadas” is the funniest play ever, and it changes with every performance (trust me on this!) so, if you’ve seen it before, see it again.

Some disappointing news: El Patio de mi Casa on Guerrero Street is closing. Get over there this week, have some drinks and give owner Heidi a big hug. She will likely reopen El Patio elsewhere, but for sure she has to move. El Patio has been crucial to Vallarta’s live music scene, and the bar is one of the most comfortable and inviting in the city. Wherever you go Heidi, keep in touch!

Tracy Parks is 50 years old! The owner of Incanto threw a helluva birthday party last Sunday. The tacos and tequila flowed like rain, and the entertainment was insanely excellent with Eduardo and Zoe, the Red SuitcasesYuvia, and Axel with half the audience willing and capable of getting up and serenading Tracy. Bob Bruneau, Joan Houston, Ron Spencer, Eric aka Bev, JobyHal, Renzo and Lady Zen just some of the great singers/musicians enjoying the evening in near sub-zero conditions.

Have a safe week and make sure your gutters are clean before the rains really start. Take care of each other with kindness and say NO! to straws and anything plastic, From Here.

Marcia Blondin