From Here

Not sure what it is, but Vallarta’s air feels supercharged somehow. Maybe it’s because there’s so much going on but that’s not unusual. There is a ‘newness’ afoot. Maybe it’s all the great vibes coming from the newbies who have found our chunk of paradise, and they are so excited about the rest of their lives. Maybe it’s because Restaurant Week starts this week and there are so many places to discover. Maybe because I am having lunch tomorrow with a dear friend I haven’t seen in ages – the fabulous Georgia Darehshori of Casa Karma. We are meeting at De Cantaro on Basilio Badillo. It’s new, part of Resto Week and neither of us has had the pleasure so…

Another new, no, two new productions I am off to see this week. First, the Boutique Community Theatre is presenting “Torch Song” this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; then all of next week at 6 pm. On Saturday, I am going to interview Artistic Director Dariusz Blajer (I hope!) and some of the Ballet of Jalisco dancers at Teatro Vallarta’s presentation of “Don Quijote.” I met Maestro Dariusz two years ago in Guadalajara with my wonderful friend Brian Peterman, who was (is) looking for choreographers and dancers for his opera “La Catrina.” I think the last ballet I saw live was at the Kennedy Center and Mikhai​l Baryshnikov was dancing. I am a little overdue!

I stopped in to see Warique, a new resto on Aquiles Serdan. Christian, one of the partners, gave me a tour and we sat and yakked about all kinds of things Vallarta. Warique is also part of Restaurant Week, and I am looking forward to eating there. Haven’t heard one single discouraging word about the food and the place inside is darling. When you walk in, look up. There you will find the coolest ceiling in all Vallarta. Warique has such great energy and colors; the food HAS to be good. Oh, and it won The Tribune’s People’s Choice “Best New Restaurant” award. THAT’S why I went there – to present the certificate and the sticker proclaiming they are a Pata Salada winner.

Last Saturday was Opening Night of “Princesas Desesperadas” at Incanto. As always it was hilarious; as always, I was the only discernable Anglo in the audience. I will never understand it fully. Even half-fully! But I don’t care. I love the guys and their characters and who ever gets tired of infectious laughter? The princesses are off to Lagos de Moreno next month to compete (gently) against the best actors, producers, directors the State of Jalisco has to throw against them. It is an enormous honor to be invited to compete. Now the big question is: will Juan Pablo, Cesar Bravo, Juan Carlos and Cesar Trujillo be nominated for Best Actors or Best Actresses?

Until we know the answers, be kind to one another, From Here.

Marcia Blondin