From Here

Super Bowl LII versus Rodolfo’s voice and excellent food both starring at Coco Tropical. And, the winner is Rodolfo and another consecutive sold out Sunday! Word has spread like honey and Rodolfo is now starting his performances at 6 pm so there’s an additional half hour to enjoy his splendid voice. He is learning new songs in English and Italian…get ready for some Puccini!

Isn’t our cover beautiful this week? The Vallarta Dancers were created by master sculptor Jim Demetro and his daughter Christine a few years ago. These two artists are collaborating again on “The Fishermen” and they need your help getting the new statue finished and off to the foundry before the end of February so it can be installed on the Malecon by May 31. Each piece that Jim creates has a story behind it. Learn about “The Fishermen” at Demetro Galeria across from Parque Lazaro Cardenas and put a piece of clay on the work-in-progress!

I am meeting up again with Chicago cellist Donald Moline this week to talk about his upcoming concert at Incanto. The fundraiser for IAMPV (Instituto des Artes Musicales Puerto Vallarta) takes place February 17th. Donald will be accompanied by Jean-Guy Comeau on piano; all to raise money for Mexican children involved with music – from buying instruments to teaching kids how to play them. This will be a World Premiere of “Canciones de Vallarta” written by John Kreitler who has ten Grammy awards to his name.

Lobo and Latcho” appear for one night only at Incanto, Sunday, February 11th. It is to be a 40th Anniversary reunion of these two outstanding flamenco guitarists. This is another of those times when I wish Incanto was the size of Teatro Degollado. Andrea (of Latcho and Andrea, the Blonde Gypsies) will be supporting them on rhythm guitar. “Primal Groove” starts at 7 pm.

While you’re at the box office buying tickets to the above-mentioned events, make sure to buy one more for “Well Strung”. I have been trying for days to come up with superlatives that could convey the professionalism, the superb talent, the perfect harmonies (and I despise the word ‘perfect’ just because), their complete ease on stage, their strange song choices that end up being so fun. My face ached from smiling through the entire concert. I can’t even mention some of their songs because it would ruin more than one brilliant surprise so just go. At least once.

For me

,this has been a season for renewing old friendships with my wonderful gal pals like Wanda and Susan and with my cousin June whom I have not seen for fifty years! Still, bloodlines,show: both June and I had tons of glitter on our fingernails! Another reunion with Daniel Perez, brother of my darling David, for Danny’s birthday. We went to bingo at Incanto and ate delish birthday cake made by La Dulce Vida. Aunt Pearl and Renzo were both wonderful. Thanks for flying all the way from L.A., Daniel!

By the way, “Canciones de Vallarta” has been dedicated to Donald Moline. Find out why next week, From Here.

Marcia Blondin