From Here

I went to Incanto last week for the farewell performance of Santiago Martin, who is going back to Spain for a few weeks.

What a delightful concert we enjoyed in the close to below-zero temperature of the Piano Bar. Santi was backed by his regulars plus Incanto Headliners, Zoe and LeonEduardo Leon just got back from playing with Kim Kuzma in Eastern Europe! They were entertaining on exotic river cruises down the Danube touching on ancient cities like Budapest and Vienna. Kim had her mom with her, and while I’m sure it was; it didn’t LOOK like work! Santiago will be back in October. I hope that he will hook up again with Zoe and Eduardo; they are a fabulous ensemble.

I met another lovely woman this week – Dana Scapa. I went out to her Marina office to give her the official notification from the Vallarta Tribune that she had won Best Real Estate Agent in Puerto Vallarta for ReMax! Our second annual Pata Salada contest will start again in November. And, in addition to the Marina office, coming soon to Old Town, a brand new ReMax office! More details next week.

For me, the Marina is like traveling to a different country. It has a very European feel to it, clean, quiet, very friendly, a bit detached somewhat, but that’s probably just me; the detached part!

I spent all last week handing out these important letters to businesses that had won in the Pata Salada contest. Vallarta Tribune editor, Madeline Milne, gave us each a bunch last spring to hand out and told us we had the summer to get the job done. I realized last week that I had best get cracking with my stack!

I had to hunt for quite a few places – unknown businesses (what do I know from barbershops?) streets and colonias that I eventually found on maps, Google and/or Facebook. I had adventurous, long walks through Versalles, the Marina and Old Town. If you need dates on when various places will reopen for season, shoot me an email; I’ll be retracing a lot of steps in October! I caught Michael Boufford over dinner at his new (gorgeous!) Sian restaurant right next to Bravos, which won for best fine dining. Both are closed now for vacations.

What is so significant about these awards is that they genuinely were People’s Choices. Only one vote was permitted per email address, so the results were honest and evident. The winners deserve a round of applause, and they’ll get it, I’m sure, just as soon as they get back from vacation…

Until they do, keep it kind and enjoy September, From Here.

Marcia Blondin