Friday Market by the Pier: Beach Booty

Beachcombing is the natural equivalent to garage-sailing or thrift-store-sifting, and the rewards can be fabulous. Just ask Bill and Suzie whose combined creativity has made “Beach Booty” an anchor in our year-round Market at Marsol. Gorgeous pieces of sea glass are wrapped in silver wire to become one-of-a-kind pairs of earrings, pendants, and even bracelets. Rare bits of floor and wall tiles wash up onshore with intricate if softened-by-the-sea, patterns. Look too, for their photo cards; both Bill and Suzie are incredibly talented photographers. Check with them every week; there’s always something new!
The Marsol Friday Market by the Pier presents: Walking tours and guide books; cotton wine/gift bags, and Louisiana peanut brittle. Herbal extracts, creams, and potions by herbalist Ricardo Mazcal. 100% cotton clothing, organic coffee from Chiapas, and crocheted items. Talavera pottery and Huichol crafts. Fun art, greeting cards, and fabric handbags; Bark art, and animal-rescue info. Home décor advice from Sherry; leather goods for men and women, and corn-husk flowers and dolls. Mexican nuts and candies; grilled sandwiches, fresh fruit, and fine-art paintings. Pickled beets, sauerkraut, smoked meat, artisanal tequila, and essential oils. Jewelry made with: sterling silver; faceted glass and semi-precious stones; repurposed fabrics; estate, antique jewelry, and more.
Join us year-round at the Marsol Friday Market by the Pier. Open from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Marcia Blondin