Fancy That? The Motto at Lujo Boutique is “Live Life Fancy”

Tracy Banin and Floydilou Kerr, owners of the Lujo Boutique (Calle Lázaro Cárdenas 500, Bucerias) literally met on the street in Bucerias. Both Canadians, (Tracy from Red Deer, Alberta and Floydilou from Windsor, Ontario), they had migrated to Bucerias for different reasons.

“I had always dreamed of living somewhere tropical, probably by age 65,” says Tracy, who has fulfilled her dream well before retirement age. But my job as a medic in the Alberta oil fields was very stressful and one day I just decided to quit, sell my house and everything in it. I put whatever I could fit in my car and headed to Mexico. It was the smartest thing I ever did.”

“I decided I wasn’t going to spend another winter in Canada,” say Floydilou. I wanted to open a gallery to showcase the art of my husband and other artists.

Two years ago the two gals opened Lujo, which roughly translated, means “fancy” in Spanish. Their motto is: “Live life fancy.” They decided to feature not only the artworks of Tracy, Floydilou and her husband, but also the paintings and handcrafted pieces of local artists.

“We realized that many folks find art galleries snooty, overpriced and intimidating, so we decided to add “fancy” to the collection” says Floydilou. Those fanciful items include soaps and body products from Banderas Soap Blends, decadent chocolate from Xocadiva, leather bags, jewelry, clothes designed by Floydilou, beach wraps and many more fun finds.

The owners have developed a good reputation with local artists and vendors. They feature the works of Emmy award-winning photographer Jennifer London. They also invite local artisans to set up “pop up shops” and sell their wares on their front sidewalk for a day.

Last week Lujo hosted a Mystery Art Show to sell-out crowds. The works of both emerging artists, who had never sold anything before, hung beside pieces by well-known artists. All works were priced exactly the same at 1200 pesos with part of the proceeds going to a school for disable children. It was a tremendous success and a huge hit with the artistic community. The youngest artist in the show was nine years old.

Tracy and Floydilou are a couple of creative forces with lots more innovative ideas and special events in the works, including cooking demonstrations using Savvy and Well spice blends, another of their vendors.

When you drop by their shop, be sure to check out Tracy’s “Love Letter” series.

“It’s all about bringing more love into the world,” she says. Fancy that?