Famous Mosaics – Sentosa and the State of Fun

This summer the Tile Park is taking the show on the road! We’re paying a virtual visit to the most famous mosaics of the world… from China to Spain to the US… tile parks, record-breaking installations, ancient murals, points of interest and so much more. Join us!

Sentosa is a small island directly south of the main island of Singapore, and as a top tourism destination for the country, it’s billed as the State of Fun for good reason! Sentosa brings a lot of prosperity in the form of tourism dollars, and a good deal of lightness and whimsy too.

It possesses something of a Disney feeling, with its high-end resorts, theme parks, and manicured grounds. The curated list of tours and entertainment options on Sentosa is a long one; just a little research and it’s very clear that the whole island experience is geared around an unforgettable vacation.

Derived from the Sanskrit word “Santosha”, meaning contentment, Sentosa means peace and tranquility, and since the early 70s that’s definitely what they’re selling on this vacation island paradise.

As a port country, naturally the sea is very closely tied to Singapore’s identity and prosperity, so the Merlion is a prominent figure in the lore of its people. Half fish and half lion, this Sentinel of the Sea protects the prosperity of Singapore and is widely recognizable among its countrymen.

You’ll find the Merlion everywhere in Singapore: depicted as a team mascot, the face of a brand, in advertising for anything from bank accounts to tennis shoes, and especially in tourism. Indeed the Merlion is the noble personification of the Singaporean people.

So he’s kind of a big deal, even if he’s a little funny looking.

Merlion Walk is believed by many to be on par with Parque Guell in terms of fine mosaic examples of the world. Indeed, the inspiration for the Merlion project was derived from Gaudi’s own famous tile park, the artists having personally studied Gaudi’s example before creating the Merlion Walk for Sentosa Island.

This incredible mosaic walkway is 120 meters long, almost 400 feet, and at every turn it calls to mind the underwater world, Merlion’s lair. The deep, saturated colors are heavy on the blues, yellows and crisp whites. Seagrass, sea stars, and organic shapes that call to mind coral reefs and their rocky, irregular beauty. The fountains, with joyful spouts of water popping up and out from funny angles.

Everything about the Merlion Walk is sweet and fun. It invokes that easy, breezy carefree feeling we all love about vacation, and it’s a piece of seriously incredible art too. Just like the Tile Park here in Vallarta, the wonderful mosaic walkway of Sentosa is an inspiration to visitors young and old, the perfect addition to the vacation of a lifetime!

If you want to learn more about Sentosa Island, check out their official website: https://www.sentosa.com.sg/

I absolutely adore the photos they chose for this blog piece: https://blog.mozaico.com/mosaic-walkway-journey-to-the-heart-of-sentosa/