Everything is Figureoutable

I have a new found attitude. Amen! Hallelujah! I finally have come to the realization that everything is figureoutable! No matter what, there is a solution to every tricky situation. It just takes a bit of brain power to navigate around, to make the right and perfect solution for the issue with some creative juggling.
As you all know, another holiday has slipped by us. This one being our beloved “Mother’s Day.”

This year, unfortunately, I was not with my beautiful boys nor my Mama. I got through the actual day ok, hanging on, with the sweet messages on the phone and their written words, peering up at me from the computer.

I tried hard to pull on my big girl pants, give gratitude while I tried to convince myself that the distance does not matter. It is our love connection that counts. I truly thought I had gotten through it with my heart in tack, and no collateral damage left behind.

That was until I opened my eyes the following morning. Then WHAM-BAM! It hit me. I started simmering like a volcano that was about to erupt! I started counting all the Birthdays, Valentine’s Days, Christmases, Easters, Thanksgivings, Father’s Days & Ground Hog Days, the list goes on as to all the family times, I have missed.

At that very moment, I decided I was going to declare that day, an NO getting dressed, brushing hair or teeth, wearing PJs, eating popcorn, ice cream, and gummy bear, watching Netflix chic movies, one after the other ALL day long, kind of day!

Well, I have to admit as enticing as that might sound, it gets old fast. My pity party got boring. The next day, I woke with a new found determination to make some changes. I am a Warrior not a Victim kind of gal! My life is my creation that I chose to create. I just need to make a plan, then work that plan.

The next day with my new and improved attitude. I did a few extra laps in the pool and worked off some of those carbs I had packed on the prior day. I came up with a creative plan, to orchestrate seeing my family more and making it happen, with a new travel plan budget to boot. I also talked to my family, suggesting that collectively, we need to make plans to see each other to stay close and making it happen, versus just lip service. We all know the saying “ a family who plays together, stays together.”
I am now happy to report that I am feeling good about the concrete actions that we are going to implement, life feels full again.

Now that the dust has settled, I can give a proper reflection on this experience. I think that when you have such strong feelings, it is better just to lean into them. Let them settle in, don’t fight them or over think them. Just be with the feelings and embrace your emotions.

Your entire body, mind, spirit appreciates you stopping and nurturing how your authentic self feels versus the flip side of attacking yourself with negative chatter, about what a baby you are or suppressing your emotions and stomping on them until you feel nothing at all.

If you allow yourself to flow downstream, letting the negative feelings flow away, this enables you to move, through these emotions versus getting stuck and bitter. Life is much too short to stay in the muck of things rather than splashing around in the clear fresh water.

Homework: Embrace your feelings in all the beautiful forms. Learn to get into the flow of it with ease and joy. Sometimes you have to walk in the path of darkness to see the beauty of the light.

Rhonda Zarate is a Lifestyle Expert. She is all about helping people to find their HAPPY! She helps people find their “Happy Home,” as a Realtor. She is an Author, Lifestyle Coach & Speaker. If you need help with your Real Estate or Lifestyle Consulting, she can be found at rhondazaratelifestyle@gmail.com, her blog rhondazaratelifestyle.

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Rhonda Zarate
Happy Heart Lifestyle Coach
Rhonda Zarate is a Happy Heart Lifestyle Advisor. Her favorite thing to do is help people find their happiest hearts through Coaching. Vlogging, Boutique Real Estate & she authored a book Find Your Happy Planner.
Sharing her love for the happy path and her family makes her heart the happiest, being part of a Heart Tribe is one’s greatest JOY.