Essencia Spa: The perfect place to relax your body and mind.

If what you are looking for is to rest your body and mind after a long day of activities or just for the pleasure of pampering yourself, the ideal place is Essencia Spa, where you will enjoy the professional attention and their friendly services.

Araceli Sánchez López, a certified therapist with 10 years of experience is the owner of this wonderful place that seeks to pamper you with personalized attention with a wide variety of massages and beauty services. Araceli recommends:

– Relaxing massage: Ideal for those who want to disconnect from the routine and connect with themselves to enjoy the neuro-sedative technique, in addition to improving blood circulation, which helps the oxygenation of the blood.

-Sport massage: Special for those who practice any physical activity, this massage prepares the muscular tissues for before and after the effort.

-Therapeutic massage: Ideal for you who want to calm muscle pain, contractures, its anti-stress function, accompanied by hot therapeutic pillow therapy.
They offer various massage techniques and will consult with you to choose the ideal massage.

Other services include:
● Custom Facials
● Waxing with Spanish wax.
● Spa manicure.
● Spa pedicure.
● Gel enamel
● Fish therapy
● Body treatments
● Body scrubs
● Physiotherapy, Body Alignment
● Aromatherapy, Bach flowers and natural products for your well-being.

Essencia Spa invites you to experience fish therapy, which will make your visit unforgettable and fun, not only because your feet will relax, but also the fish will remove the dead cells and leave your feet soft, as well as helping you to reduce headaches and stress.

Book a wellness experience with your partner, taking advantage of the special prices they offer for couples, with the guarantee that they will leave very happy.

“A massage for your body, becomes a massage for your soul”

Visit Essencia Spa on Avenida México # 1372 B, in 5 de Deciembre, Puerto Vallarta, one block from the beach. Schedule your appointment at (322) 142-7177.