El Parque de los Azulejos: A Legacy Of Love

Not long ago I was talking with a friend about the tile park… where the project has been and where it’s going. At one point I asked her: “what do you think will be the biggest legacy of El Parque de los Azulejos, generations into the future?”

Without skipping a beat she said “Love, and healing.”

I agree. That’s really what this all boils down to, if you look closely. Everything from the regular crew, to the volunteers, the park itself, and the regular cast of characters that never seems to leave, everything offers its own contribution… its own story to tell. Everything there seems to either need healing, or to offer it to those who do.

For over a year now, Lazaro Cardenas Park has been a beehive of creative activity as Nat and her team transform it into El Parque de los Azulejos, the Tile Park. And as the tiled surfaces steadily overtake the untiled surfaces, shifts are happening. Healing is happening, community is happening. The energy there is palpable. If it’s been a while since you stopped in for a visit, take a detour through the park next time you’re in town.

Whatever your level of belief on the energy front, it’s a fact that a human being has touched every single piece of tile in that park. Someone placed it purposefully where it rests. The entire park has been touched by hundreds of different people, with different beginnings in life and different stories to tell. Different energy, same desire: a happy community space that’s as bright as Vallarta itself, as bright as we all feel when we’re together here.

The park is slowly being changed, bit by bit, by people.

And people are being changed too, bit by bit, as the park changes.

It’s absolutely marvelous to be a part of something so healing! Come see what’s been going on lately, and be blown away by what an impact all this love is making.