Editor’s notes: Sunny and dry in Vancouver

Hola from warm and sunny Vancouver, BC. I escaped the looming rains and made my way to Vancouver late last week. I had rescued a puppy off the streets and found her a home here in Vancouver so taking advantage of the lull in the season, I thought I’d bring her to her new family and get a chance to catch up with my own.
This weekend is the Humming Bird Festival on June 16 at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. They have different activities planned for the day, most of them included in the cost of admission. Check out their Facebook page for more details.
The numbers for first quarter are starting to come in and it looks like Vallarta received more visitors, both at the airport and the marina, over 2018 and a general increase through the last few years. I’ve heard quite a bit of grumbling about the line-ups at the airport, so I suppose we’ve had this information anecdotally for a while. But it is nothing compared to the cluster*uck I encountered in San Francisco. Why does it have to be so difficult to travel through USA?

Thank you again to Paul Glickman for the use of his photos on the cover. If you didn’t get a chance to read his article last week you can find it online at vallartatribune.com and you can also find our updated Daypass Guide with about 50 daypass listings, as well as all the articles, back issues of the newspaper and our Best of Banderas Bay guide. We are in the final stages of releasing a new website that will include even more great information. Stay tuned.

Rains are coming, so please help the bay by picking up any plastic, styrofoam or other trash along the streets and waterways before it can be washed into the rivers and ocean. There are plenty of community organized clean-ups along beaches and the river banks. If you want to help a good place to start is at Limpia Tu Barrio PV Facebook group.

Safe travels,