Editor’s notes: Rescuing baby tlacuaches and fundraising for earthquake victims

Fundraising continues for victims of the earthquakes last month. EL Arrayan, one of Puerto Vallarta’s best traditional Mexican restaurants is hosting an event where 100% of the funds will be sent directly to help the community in Ixhuatán, Oaxaca. They will be serving traditional pozole and live entertainment on Sunday, October 29 from 5.30 pm to 11 pm.

Tickets are 200 pesos or $230 at the door. There is a raffle with lots of prizes and other items for purchase. Tickets are available at El Arrayan, Monzón Brewing Co. & the Spanish Experience Center.

Things are starting to pick up around town. Incanto has re-opened with some new acts lined up for the fall. No Way Jose Restaurant is having their 9th season kick-off with a fundraiser for victims of the Mexico City earthquake on Saturday at 8 pm.

El Rio BBQ up Paso Ancho reopens this week. Best BBQ and a cool river to splash in – it’s a must see, must do spot!

The weather has changed. It’s drier with less humidity in the air. Time to start power washing the algae off the walls. This was a doozy of a rainy season.

Last night I had a baby opossum in my house. Poor thing was climbing up the screen door trying to get away from my four dogs. I put on my oven mitts and scooped it up and put it up high outside. Safe travels, little guy.

Opossums or Tlacuaches as they’re called in Mexico are North America’s only marsupials and are omnivores, eating ticks and other bugs like they’re Smarties (like M&M’s only better -for you non-Canadians). They’re quiet, shy, nocturnal animals that might look a little scary with their sharp teeth but they will play dead long before attacking. The little guy I rescued let me pick him up and move him with no complaints.

If you find one, don’t panic and hit it with a shovel. They’re endangered and should be protected and moved to somewhere safe from dogs. If it’s playing dead just move it to a quiet out of the way location and it will eventually rouse itself and move along.

That’s it for me this week.

Safe travels,



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