Editor’s Notes

Editor’s Notes:
Generous Vallartans, traveling drag queens and the dog days of summer.

I’m still up north in Canada for couple more weeks so I missed the big Summer Bash for Cheryl’s Shoebox, but by all accounts it was another huge success – which of course it was. Congratulations to everybody for a great event and fundraising all those pesos (60,000) to help children get to school a little better. If you missed it and you’d like to contribute you can visit: www.cherylsshoebox.org.

I received an email newsletter from Melissa Canez of Corazon de Niña this past weekend and it had so many impressive updates. If you aren’t familiar with Corazon de Niña, it’s a home for children that Melissa and her husband Juan started five years ago. When you think of where they were then to where they are now, it’s another testament to the love and commitment that the Puerto Vallarta community has for each other. I remember a desperate plea about four years ago that lead to a spontaneous fundraiser that netted 10,000 pesos in a couple hours.

Today, the home has grown leaps and bounds, six of the children are off to university; they’re starting their own school; they have a great little boutique in Marina Vallarta that helps the children become self-sufficient, and much more. It’s inspiring how much has been overcome in such a short time. You can read more about Corazon de Niña in this week’s paper. And of course they can always use your support. You can learn more here: http://fundacioncorazon.mx

I was thrilled to get an email from Merv Buchanan (he produces many of the acts we see at El Rio and Luna Lounge during high season) who shared with me the huge success that the Crazy Bitches are in British Columbia and Alberta this summer. This is their first summer tour in Canada and all their shows have been sold out! What a great response to one of our ‘Banderas Bay’ treasures. If you’re in Bucerias (or nearby) from November through March – you can catch their act at Luna Lounge. You’ll have to check the schedule for next season’s dates, but they usually have two shows a week. If you haven’t seen them yet – plan on it! So much fun.

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We are continuing with the English/Spanish articles for a couple more weeks. I have heard from a few people that they are enjoying them as learning tools, which is great. That’s the intention! This week we have a bi-lingual article on Guayabitos, a beach town about an hour and half north of Puerto Vallarta.

It is a beautiful bay with perfect beaches, an island in the middle you can snorkel around and safe, calm waters. The town has been going through a revival in the past couple years and there are some cute new hotels and restaurants. If you haven’t been in awhile – definitely head back soon. It’s upgrading and considerably nicer than it was a few years ago. That said, it’s hugely popular for Mexican families, so unless you like crowds, wait until the kids are back in school after August 21st. Prices will drop significantly and you’ll have the whole beach to yourselves.

I’m off to enjoy another humidity-free day! Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to support local. Say no to those nasty plastic straws and, if you should cross paths with a turtle, look but don’t touch.

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