Editor’s Note: While I’m not starving, per se…

One last message from Canada. I cannot wait to return to the warmth and tacos of Puerto Vallarta. Usually, when I head north, I plan all my meals around what foods I can’t get easily in Mexico. Things like Korean Beef Noodle Soup and Green Onion Pancakes, Tod Man Pla and Tom Yum soup from my favourite Thai restaurant, or anything and everything on the menu at my local Vietnamese hole in the wall (for only $5.95 I might add). Then I’ll also plan for an all-you-can-eat sushi smorgasbord (with no cream cheese in the rolls, because that’s just wrong) and I’ll have a couple of Indian curry dishes and maybe a rasmali for dessert. Depending on how long I’m here, I’ll indulge in perogies and cabbage rolls, or souvlaki, or an Ethiopian stew served with the world’s best flatbread called injera. But this time I’ve spent my days on the south coast of Vancouver Island where raspberry and white chocolate scones are about as adventuresome as you can get.

So, I’m heading home tomorrow, stuffed to the brim with raisin toast and licorice allsorts. And while I am a little disappointed with my lack of culinary explorations this trip, I did manage to shop my way out of depression, so not to worry.

All this time I’ve been away, the snowbirds have been flying north in droves. I don’t understand why when it’s still snowing in places like Calgary and on the East Coast. What do you have to go home to, but chopping wood for your fireplace? Stay a while longer. You won’t regret it.

If you’re lucky enough to be reading this while in Banderas Bay, then you know. April’s weather is fantastic, and the exuberant spring blossoms are colouring the streets. Now is the time to embrace Puerto Vallarta; get out to enjoy the perfect balance of balmy days, cool evenings and the warming ocean waters. Plus the crowds have dissipated and planning that weekend trip to Sayulita or Guayabitos makes sense now.

The Farmer’s Markets continue until the end of the month. Corazon de Niña is still hosting its Tuesday Humanitarian Brunches. The Artwalk continues each Wednesday evening through May. And of course, we have the Altruism Festival, Pride, Restaurant Week (now extending three weeks) and the Municipal Centennial and all the planned festivities around that to fill out the month of May. Now is an excellent time to be in the bay. I’m excited to be returning tomorrow.

Hasta Mañana.