Editor’s Note: Summer’s Over. Back to Work!

Today I write to you from the smoky shores of Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island where I’m taking a couple of days to relax before I head back to Puerto Vallarta.  It’s a cool 27 degrees (78f) made cooler by a thick blanket of smoke from nearby forest fires. The area could desperately use some rain, but that’s not likely to happen for a couple more weeks – so it’s wildly different than what you’re experiencing.

When I get back, I’m embarking on a new project – the launch of the Baja Tribune! (While continuing with the Vallarta Tribune and writing the 2019 Moon Guide Puerto Vallarta Edition. Apparently, I CAN find more hours in my day.) This new newspaper will follow the same format as the Vallarta Tribune but be produced and distributed throughout the southern tip of the Baja. I’m excited for this opportunity to promote my appreciation of Mexico to another audience of travelers and expats. Cabo was my first home in Mexico some 20 years ago (oh, the stories I won’t tell you…), and I’ve spent time traveling the Sea of Cortez – the beaches of La Paz are spectacular and not to be missed! It’s incredible to see the vast number of changes that region has undergone through the years, not unlike the Bay of Banderas.

If you have any Baja wisdom you’d like to share with me, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the best places to visit, where to stay, where to eat and how it is living as an expat from Los Cabos to La Paz. Also to be clear, I am not moving to Los Cabos, so any rumours you might hear are just that, rumours.

There continues to be plenty of great live music and events around the bay including the Vegan Fiesta happening at the La Isla shopping centre Friday through Sunday. Remember if you’re hosting an event we will publish the details at no cost you only need to upload the information here.

The kids go back to school after this weekend, so if you head to the beaches, you may find they are a little more crowded than before with families getting in one last hurrah before cracking the books.

Michael Nolan is back this week celebrating his fourth year as the DJ for the Good Morning Wake-Up Show  – the only English radio show in Vallarta and he reminds us the University of Guadalajara is again offering free classes for seniors (60 and over) in health, law, history, computers, even free Spanish language classes. Check out his column for all the details.

I hope all your summer vacation dreams came true.

Safe travels