Editor’s Note: Rock Concerts and Big Hair

If the Internet is any indication it would seem we are eager for the first ‘gully washer’ of the season, and that many of us are suffering from frizzy hair, myself included!

If you’ve been here long enough, you know that you can’t let a little rain (or voluminous hair) stop you from getting out or you won’t ever get out of the house.

If you’re into Rock Music, the first Festival of Rock is being held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Nuevo Vallarta on Saturday, June 11 from 6-11pm. Tickets are 400 pesos at the door. Who knows, you may see Bruce there! And if there every was a time for big hair, this is it…

Restaurant Week continues until the 10th. Be sure to check out your favorite menus and take advantage of the special pricing. All the details are at restaurantweekpv.com

This week we have ComicCon at the Los Mangos Library on June 9 and 10. You can see all their summer events including art classes, yoga and camps for the kids on their newly updated website at bibliotecalosmangos.org/

And June is the start of the Hummingbird Festival at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. Head up there any day, but Monday (they’re closed) to check out all the little fliers, as well as have a delicious lunch in the onsite restaurant, shop in the great gift shop and even take in a swim in the river below. More details on page seven this week.

Finally, last week in my intro I wrote  “the early 1960’s when Dick and Liz were in Vallarta filming Night of the Iguana (1964), and I had some feedback on my egregious errors. I should have been more specific – Dick and Liz were here in September 1963, while Dick was filming ‘The Night of the Iguana’ over 72 days, which was released in 1964. Elizabeth Taylor did not star in the film she merely accompanied Richard Burton and caused a considerable stir by doing so.  In any case,  if there was any confusion, I apologize. To those who wrote to compliment the special Centennial edition, thank you.

That’s it for me this week. Please take a moment to pick up any trash on the streets that might end up in the waterways. The big rain is coming, soon and we want to keep as much of the garbage out of the ocean as possible.

Support local vendors and businesses. Tip well. Say no to that straw. Have a great week.